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“Incomparable and amazing trekking to ABC”

  • Rating:   
  • Review date: March 14, 2017
  • Country: Taiwan

This ABC trekking is the longest time and height altitude that we’ve experienced. It’s awesome and amazing, and I could’t forget everthing and scenery in Nepal. We spent 9 days with Suntosh, who is our mountain guide. He was young、experienced and easygoing. He assisted us with applications、transportation、accommodation and refreshment. He led us to review our feelings and thinkings with the trekking, explained the life style and culture of residents we met. I rememberd we met a bad day when we left MBC campsite, it was unsafe. Suntosh was so reliable that we didn’t get lost in the fog and avoid few dangerous areas. So I strongly recommend Suntosh and Adventure Bound. Visited February 2017

彭家樹 Peng Chiahsu

“EBC+ Gokyo 健行”
  • Rating:   
  • Review date: March 01, 2017
  • Country: Taiwan

透過朋友的介紹,我們選擇了Adventure Bound。 Bibek我們的嚮導帶著我們順利的完成了這次的冒險。一路上的照顧非常感謝,是值得信賴的伙伴。 訪問2017年2月


Ethan P
  • Rating:   
  • Review date: February 27, 2017
  • Country: Taiwan

我們一行三人2月前往EBC健行,導遊一路從加德滿陪伴照顧,直到我們完成此趟旅程。途中導遊除了專業知識豐富與每座山都必定詳細解說外,不斷重複回答我們問題(這是什麼山)卻從不曾不耐煩,是個超棒的Guide,我們後面行程有所變動,導遊也都可以規劃商量與建議,讓我們此趟旅程充滿了感動,一定還要再去~~~ 訪問2017年2月

“As easy as ABC”

  • Rating:   
  • Review date: February 01, 2017
  • Country: United Kingdom

The Annapurna base camp trek was just mind blowing, everyday I saw some of the best views of my life, as well as incredible wildlife. It was hard work, but without a porter it is very satisfying but makes all those steps pretty tricky. We had a guide Raj to help us: he was the most amazing guy and was so useful the whole trek. Sorting food, places to stay, and getting around. We could tell we were lucky and for 4 young peolle he was perfect. He even took on other travelers and was nice to everyone! After 3 months travelling i felt that this trek was the greatest thing I did, as well as a big achievement! Highly recommended Visited January 2017


Hiromi O
  • Rating:   
  • Review date: January 28, 2017
  • Country: Japan

ツアー会社 Adventure Bound にいるRaji(ラジ)さんにガイドしてもらい、カトマンズからアンナプルナベースキャンプまで行ってきました。Rajiさんはとても愉快で日本語も上手です。泊まった山小屋ではオススメご飯を教えてくれたり、色々なView pointを教えてくれて、とても満足なトレッキングでした。一番助かったのが、当初の予定では9日間が最短です。と言われたのですが、次のフライトが到着日の次の日で、ガイドさんに無理を言って8日間に調整してもらいました。もちろんトレッキングは全行程行きましたし、初心者でもこなせる内容で、常にこちらの体力を気にしながら日程を微調整してもらえました。次はRajiさんとエベレストに行きたいと思います!本当にありがとう! Visited June 2016

“Отличная прогулка по горам в компании отличных людей.”

Павел Ш
  • Rating:   
  • Review date: January 26, 2017
  • Country: Russian Federation

Большое спасибо компании и моему проводнику Raj и Roma за отлично проведенное время в трекинге, интересные рассказы, море позитива и заботу. Это был мой первый трек и мне все очень понравилось. До встречи, друзья! ____ Many thanks to the company, and my conductor Raj and Roma for the perfect time spent in tracking, interesting stories, positive sea and care. This was my first song and I liked it very much. See, my friends! Visited January 2017

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