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Bhutan Travel Info

Getting in to Bhutan

Bhutan was opened to the outsiders in the early 1960s. Earlier Bhutan was accessible only on foot. The two main entry points to the country was from Tibet and India. From Tibet one had to cross the high passes, whereas from India, tourists would enter mainly from Assam and west Bengal. But today, the country is also accessible by...

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Bhutan Travel Information

Cost relating to Travel: The minimum daily tariff is set by the government of Bhutan, therefore, the cost cannot be negotiated. The rates can be higher or lower depending on the nature of services. Our local travel agent will take care of all the required arrangement relating to your travel in Bhutan such as hotel booking,...

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Places to see in Bhutan

Of the many, some of the places here have been features in the followings: Paro valley Paro valley is where you reach immediately after you land at Paro airport in Bhutan (the only international airport in Bhutan). This valley lies close to the mountain. Therefore, it is one of the places of attraction in Bhutan....

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About Bhutan

Bhutan is a tiny and land-locked Himalayan country covering a total area of about 4,700 sq km. Bhutan is located between Tibet to the north and Indian territories of Assam and West Bengal to the south and east and Sikkim to the west. Bhutan had remained an isolated kingdom for many years, because it was open to the outsiders...

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