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Travel is fun and is the best time to enjoy out of our busy schedule, but if we choose right destination with wrong agency then the trip can be ruined. Hence it’s highly advised to collect most of W-questions before booking any travel trip with any agency, it is quite an important to get some information related to the company that you are dealing with. You have to make sure that the  company is registered to the government, the guides have the proper trekking/tour license and are insured, and there are many other tools to check the reliability of the company like website, trip advisor listings and reviews, google review and more. If you feel something missing then ensure you ask them before conforming any trip.

This is to illuminate at the time because there may be found such many companies running business without observing legal formalities imposed by the country act, and even not registered with the concerned office authority. Some never insure their guides and if something happens along the way then we have to feel pity about them and regret for hiring uninsured trekking/tour staff, not doing proper research prior to the booking. Likewise, it has been reported that some companies have been running business with expired license which is no less than having no license, the reason behind not renewed may be presented nicely to you but only the reason would be that they have been punished in charge of the unlawful act and hence their license have been suspended for a certain frame or would also have been seized.  We have seen many examples of so - called trekking / touring agencies operated by individuals & freelancers illegally, and some on commission basis with other agencies by creating their own personal website or by contacting personally. If the program goes smoothly then you may not feel any different but if there arise a tiny problem then it will appear to be huge and can go beyond your management. Hence we advise you to conform all these details before booking any trip.

Even if the practice is illegal as per country act, it has been found in abroad that some tour operators have been involved in directly operating tours and trekking without any co-operation with local agents and without paying tax to the government of concerned country. In that case even the tourist can be in trouble as they have to go through various inquiry, so, please make sure you book with someone that has base in Nepal.

In order to be secured in such obligations, take the following hints in consideration prior to confirm your journey with any trekking & travel agency.

  • Has the company registered and timely renewed to government authorities?
  • Has the company insured staffs against accidents?
  • Is the company environmentally and socially conscious?

We wish you have a pleasant holiday ahead. If you kindly check on these issues then your valuable support will be the biggest assets to comprehend our attempt!


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