Australian Base Camp Hike FAQs

What is the altitude of the Australian Base Camp?

  • Australian Base Camp is located in a village named Thulo Kharka and it sits at an altitude of 2060 meters above sea level.

How Difficult is the Australian Base Camp?

  • Australian Base Camp Hike is not a difficult task to do. We recommend this hiking package even to people with no prior experience at all.

Can I take my children on this Hiking Journey?

  • Yes, due to the easy route, availability of facilities and food, and several other factors, we recommend the Australian Base Camp trek even to the children. However, parents must be more than cautious if they are ascending the trail with their children.

Are there any chances of altitude sickness during the Australian Base camp hike?

  • No, as the highest point of this hike is 2060 meters, there is a mere to no risk of altitude sickness while ascending the Australian Base Camp.

Do I need a professional guide for this package?

  • Guides are highly crucial in managing the overall itinerary, accommodation, and food, and also to assist foreigners in interacting with the locals living in the hiking route and Dhampus village.

What is Dhampus village famous for?

  • Dhampus village is famous as the gateway of so many trekking destinations in the Annapurna and Manaslu regions. Besides many trekkers also love this place for the amazing Khana set along with the views of different mountains.

Why is the trek extended to two day itinerary?

  • Even though there is not much to ascend, resting, having meals, and sleeping certainly take so much of our time. To make the hiking journey more efficient, we have planned a slow and steady ascend rather than a hassle.

Will I get an English-speaking guide to accompany me during the trek?

  • Yes, all the guides at Adventure Bound are highly talented, have lived as close to nature as possible, and are also strong. Therefore, we make sure that hikers will get an English-speaking guide.