Responsible Travel

Adventures Bound is a full-fledged travel and trekking agency with adequate human capital who are well trained to give you the best of what Nepal has to offer. We cater all sorts of travel and trekking services. Our team follows a philosophy of social obligation towards the society we are living in while considering the environmental aspects. We highly respect the natural environment, culture and tradition of our country and preserving them for future generation is our prime concern. We provide a great opportunity to unleash the natural beauty and cultural treasures of Nepal to our visitors. We are aware that responsible travel focuses on minimizing the impact of tourism on the environment and maximize income generating opportunities for the local communities. The whole country including those living in remote rural areas that has less access to infrastructure and development benefits from sustainable tourism.

Adventures Bound is passionate about preserving the environment and natural treasure of Nepal. We as a responsible tour guide in Nepal, always strive to maintain a symbiotic relationship with the local communities through which we travel. While traveling to different destinations we choose to pick environmentally friendly lodges that respect the needs of their staff members.
If you have any feedback / suggestions regarding responsible travel. Please send us an email or contact us with your valuable suggestions.

Economic Responsibility:
Nepal is rapidly growing as one of the ideal tourist hubs of the world. Tourism is one of the blooming industries in the country and the visitors traveling to Nepal are increasing every year. We can develop tourism in ways which reflect the natural, cultural and social integrity of the destinations by encouraging the appropriate forms of tourism. Tourism not only boosts the national income but also provides economic incentives, promotes wildlife conservation, generates income for the management of conservation areas and contributes to the rural communities by generating employment and income opportunity. Tourism further plays a pivotal role in keeping sound relationship with different global agencies and international companies involved in tourism industry that flourishes the tourism activities. Local communities are also benefited from tourism by helping them through their guiding skills, working as porters and other ways. We encourage our visitors to use local products and consume local foods and invest in domestic goods as far as possible. While operating trekking and other travel packages to rural and remote areas, it benefits the local communities by providing employment and income generating opportunities. We Adventures Bound make sure that the local communities and business owners get the maximum benefits from the tourism industry by catering superior service to the visitors. The growth and development of tourism industry is inevitable for the economic development of the country.

Environmental Responsibility:
Adventures Bound is highly conscious about impact of tourism in the environment. The preservation of nature and natural environment is vital for the balanced eco-system. The awareness about the environmental issues has to be raised from the local level by providing proper education on environment and its importance. Different trusts and organizations are working at the local and national level for the protection and conservation of environment. Volunteers have formed students groups to raise awareness in local schools and communities to raise awareness and educate people regarding the environmental issues. They organize various activities and campaigns like tree plantation in the barren lands, adequate use of non-renewable energy, affects for deforestation in the environment etc. Other activities includes awareness campaigns on use of disposable products, safe drinking water, proper disposal of garbage and waste products, use of environment friendly stoves, proper sanitization etc. Adventures Bound is working with many organizations to minimize and avoid the impact of tourism in the environment.

Social Responsibility:
Adventures Bound is undertaking different activities as its social initiatives. We are socially obligated towards the society we are living in. We believe that social responsibility is a major part of responsible travel. Some part of profit we make from our business goes to different charitable trusts and organizations that are working for poor and marginalized people and community. We provide travelers with volunteer opportunities in the areas of health, education, mountain resource management, environmental issues and many more. We are also looking forward to contributing more in the social sector by the means of tourism.

Staff Welfare and Porter Protection Policy:
We are liable for our staffs, Guide and porters who are working with us as a team. We treat equally to all our staff members. We believe that our success is vested in the collected effort of our trek leaders, guides, porters and other crew members. We Adventures Bound ensure fair pay policy, insurance coverage, helicopter evacuation, and other benefits so that to encourage them to give the best of what they have to offer. All our staff members are our assets and we make the best possible policies for their retention.
We have adopted the following guidelines that refer our Staff Protection Policy:

  • Fair wage payment policy
  • Weight carrying limit is about 25 KGs.
  • Equal and fair medical care to porters, Guide and other staffs
  • Adequate food and accommodation
  • Accidental/medical insurance
  • We provide adequate trekking gears for all porters
  • We make sure the sick porters gets the best medical care during the treks
  • Sufficient medical aid will be provided to any sick porter and helper to cover the cost of their medical treatment.