Travel Advise

Honorable travelers, if you are visiting Nepal for travel, Nepal Adventure Bound would like to advise you that first check and make sure that the company you are dealing with is an authentic one not, meaning it is registered under the law of the government or not. First know that whether the company, you are dealing with is fully reliable, whether the trekking staffs of the company is fully insured or not etc.

There are instances that many trekking companies in Nepal are in operation without fulfilling even the basic legal formalities of the country and some companies are in operation illegally. Such companies do not even insure their trekking staffs. Moreover, there are reported incidences that the companies in Nepal are being operated even after their license date is expired. This is not because, the companies are unknown of their legal duties, but it is a mere careless. If the company does careless of following the country’s rule there is high chance of doing same treats to you. Furthermore, it has been reported that some companies have been running business whose licenses have already expired and not noticed and punished in charge of the unlawful act. We have seen many examples of so - called trekking / touring agencies operated by individuals & freelancers illegally, and some on commission basis with other agencies by creating their own personal website or by contacting personally. It is up to you, whether to choose such company or not.

Which company to choose, it is no doubt, you are able to make the decisions, but what we would like to say is, be aware and have precautions that if the company is not registered as per the law of the country. Because, there is high chance that you may face the unwanted situation, during your trip. Therefore, if you wish, you do not want to tackle such situation, better choose a company registered under the government law and the trekking staffs are properly insured. These are a few incidence, we have highlighted here, therefore, make sure that you book with your trekking that is registered following the government legal formalities, if you are coming to Nepal for the first time, make consideration all of these incidences and prior to booking and if you are coming to Nepal for second or more time, then do it only in the familiar companies.
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