Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve - 3 Days

Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve
Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve
Trip Details
  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate

About Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve is one of the largest national parks in the country, located in the far western of the country covering the parts of Dolpa and Mugu District. This reserve is the habitat of nearly 300 species of birds, including sarus, crane, swamp-francolin, grass owl, warblers, Impeyan pheasant (danphe), blood pheasant, and cheer-pheasant among others.
Shuklaphant Wildlife Reserve Similarly, it is the home of various animals such as snow-leopard, blue sheep, goral, Himalayan Tahr, serow, leopard, wolf, jackal, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan weasel, Himalayan mouse hare, yellow-throated marten, langur and rhesus monkeys to name a few. Shukla Phanta wildlife Reserve is also known for other endangered species including tiger and more importantly the forest.

Shukla Phanta wildlife reserve can be reached with a short flight or drive from Kathmandu to Mahendranagar some 695 km and then continue your journey.


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