Festival of Nepal

Nepal has more festivals than the number of days in a year. A festival is always a meaningful and memorable event in the life of Nepalese people. Every festival has some purpose to serve. From bringing in the rain to honoring the dead or averting calamities, every festival has something spiritual about it. Festival is a way of life in Nepal. With the number of festivals that Nepal has, it is one of the best ways to understand and appreciate the Nepalese ways of life



Jan - Feb

* Sweta Machendranath Snan
* Swasthani Puja
* Maghe Sankranti
* Saraswati Puja

Feb - Mar

* Maha Shivaratri
* Losar
* Phagu Purnima

Mar - April

* Chaitra Dasai
* Ghode Jatra

April - May

* Biska Jatra
* Nepali New Year
* Rato Machendranath Jatra 
* Budhha Jayanti

May - June

* Gunla
* Janai Purnima

July - Aug

* Gunla
* Janai Purnima

Aug - Sept

* Gai Jatra
* Krishna Astami
* Teej

Sept - Oct

* Indra Jatra
* Dasain

Oct - Nov

* Mani Rimdu
* Tihar

Nov - Dec

* Bala Chaturdasi
* Bibah Panchami