Peak Climbing fees in Nepal

Service Charges for NMA Peaks

Service Charges for Foreign Climber per person in US dollar

Group "A"







Name of the peak







1Mt CholatseKhumbu6423mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
2Mt. Kyazo RiMahalangur6151mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
3Mt.Phari LapchaMahalangur6017mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
4Mt. NirekhaMahalangur6159mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
5Mt. Langsisa RiJugal6412mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
6Mt. OmbigaichenMahalangur6340mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
7Mt. BoktaKanchenjunga6114mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
8Mt. ChekigoGaurishankar6121mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
9Mt. Lobuje WestKhumbu6135mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
10Mt. Larkya PeakManaslu6416mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
11Mt. ABIMahalangur6043mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
12Mt. Yubra HimalLangtang Himal6048mUSD250USD125USD70USD70


Group "B'Cost/Season→SpringAutumnWinterSummer
SNName of the peakRegionHeight↓March-April-MaySept-Oct-NovDec-Jan-FebJune-July-August
1HiunchuliAnnapurna Himal6434mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
2Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak)Annapurna Himal6501mUSD400USD200USD100USD100
3Mera PeakKhumbu Himal6470mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
4Kusum KangruKhumbu Himal6360mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
5KwangdeKhumbu Himal6086mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
6Chulu WestManang district6419mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
7Chulu EastManang district6584mUSD400USD200USD100USD100
8Imja Tse (Island Peak)Khumbu Himal6165mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
9PharchamoRolwaling Himal6279mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
10LobujeKhumbu Himal6090mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
11RamdungRolwaling Himal5900mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
12Pisang PeakManang district6091mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
13Khongma Tse (Mehra Peak)Khumbu Himal5849mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
14Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kanga)Langtang Himal5863mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
15Paldor PeakLangtang Himal5903mUSD250USD125USD70USD70

Service Charges for Nepalese Climber in Nepalese Rupees

Group "A'Cost/Season→SpringAutumnWinterSummer
SNName of the peakRegionHeight↓March-April-MaySept-Oct-NovDec-Jan-FebJune-July-August
1Mt CholatseKhumbu6423mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
2Mt. Kyazo RiMahalangur6151mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
3Mt.Phari LapchaMahalangur6017mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
4Mt. NirekhaMahalangur6159mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
5Mt. Langsisa RiJugal6412mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
6Mt. OmbigaichenMahalangur6340mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
7Mt. BoktaKanchenjunga6114mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
8Mt. ChekigoGaurishankar6121mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
9Mt. Lobuje WestKhumbu6135mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
10Mt. Larkya PeakManaslu6416mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
11Mt. ABIMahalangur6043mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
12Mt. Yubra HimalLangtang Himal6048mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000


Group "B'Cost/Season→SpringAutumnWinterSummer
SNName of the peakRegionHeight↓March-April-MaySept-Oct-NovDec-Jan-FebJune-July-August
1HiunchuliAnnapurna Himal6434mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
2Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak)Annapurna Himal6501mRs 5000Rs 2500Rs 1250Rs 1250
3Mera PeakKhumbu Himal6470mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
4Kusum KangruKhumbu Himal6360mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
5KwangdeKhumbu Himal6086mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
6Chulu WestManang district6419mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
7Chulu EastManang district6584mRs 5000Rs 2500Rs 1250Rs 1250
8Imja Tse (Island Peak)Khumbu Himal6165mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
9PharchamoRolwaling Himal6279mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
10LobujeKhumbu Himal6090mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
11RamdungRolwaling Himal5900mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
12Pisang PeakManang district6091mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
13Khongma Tse (Mehra Peak)Khumbu Himal5849mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
14Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kanga)Langtang Himal5863mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000
15Paldor PeakLangtang Himal5903mRs 4000Rs 2000Rs 1000Rs 1000

As per the decision of secretary level dated 2071/1/16, the insurance amount for sardar,mountain guide and high altitude walker fund is fixed as Rs 15 lakhs.Similarly, medical insurance is fixed as Rs 4 lakhs.Mountain Heli-rescue of 10000USD is also required.

Note : Maximum number of members in a team is 15.

Garbage deposit to acquire climbing permit will be same  i.e. US$ 500.00. The refund shall be made as per the provisions of NMA...

Fees list provide by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)