Places to see in Bhutan

Of the many, some of the places here have been features in the followings:

Paro valley

Paro valley is where you reach immediately after you land at Paro airport in Bhutan (the only international airport in Bhutan). This valley lies close to the mountain. Therefore, it is one of the places of attraction in Bhutan. The Paro Dzong, one of traditional building built with ancient style has been fantastic place to capture the scenic views. Similarly, Ta Dzong, the national museum nearby the Paro Dzong is another place of attraction. This museum is the collection of various kinds of costumes, relics, religious paintings, handicrafts, national stamps and animals in Bhutan. Likewise, Kyichu Monastery, an oldest monastery in Bhutan built in the 659 AD by the then King Songtsen Gompo of Tibet is another places to visit, which lies between the Paro town and Drungyal Dzong. This is considered to be one of the holiest places in the world. Taktsang Monastery is another famous monastery in Bhutan. It is said that Buddhist monk, called Padma Sambhava mediated in this spot.


This is the capital city of Bhutan, where there are various places for sight scenes, monasteries and various kinds of handicrafts, woodcrafts, paintings, which are showcased in this city. Tashichho Dzong, the main secretariat building situated at the downtown of this capital city is another attraction for the ancient arts and artifacts. Similarly, there are the textile museums which are beautifully showcased here, so as there is folk heritage museum, the national library, which has the vast collection of ancient Buddhists manuscripts, religious and historical literatures.


Punakha is the former capital city of Bhutan, where can be reached by passing Dochula pass (3150 m). This old city lies between two great rivers—Phochu (male) and Mochu (female), this is perfect place to have sight scenes and capture the scenic views of the ancient city, old monasteries, natural landscapes and dual rivers.


Trongsa Dzong is considered to be one of the largest Dzong (town) in the country. It is located in the centre of Bhutan, where you can have magic views of the ancient styles of buildings, wooden slatted houses lined up together on the side of hills. The royal family members have strong link with this town therefore, there is much developed, however the city has been able to preserve its antique things.


Bumthang is another largest valley in Bhutan. This city is cloaked with various religious fables and considered to be the mini Switzerland. The tales of Guru padma Sambhava dominates this holy shrines. This valley is home to various sacred monasteries such as Jambay, Kurjey, Tamshing, Kenchosum to name a few. Jakar, the hill top of this valley is famous for local honey, cheese, apples and apricots.