Everest Base Camp Trek in November

  • Mar 22, 2020
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Let’s be honest. Everest Base Camp is by far the most epochal place in the world to have ever come to know. Notwithstanding the travail, the Base camp itself is a crowd-pleaser, drawing in travelers from all around. 

The region swanks its popularity with more than thirty thousand trekkers preceding there every year. Everest Base Camp, of course, popping up as a hotspot out of all the adventurous sites subsisting. 

Nothing makes the region as extraordinary and intriguing as the Everest Base Camp. Travelers find themselves struggling with immense crowds on the trail during the peak travel season. 

Hence, you can make a guess at how popular the base camp is with so many people. Most of them don’t even get tired of eulogizing the place on the global stage. 

Even though not as friendly as other destinations, Everest Base Camp still is the most-liked trekking spot. The real reason behind, indeed, being its splendid views, dynamic landscapes, and snow-capped mountains. 

With endless options, one never has to worry about what to do in the region. And, of course, the wildness gets aloft when the season pitch in a crucial role. 

Too hard, it is to decide which season is the idleF time to visit Everest Base Camp. Because every season comes with awe and leaves an imprint never to be forgotten.  

Still, some seasons that are vicious, making the trails too hard to slash while some come off easy. They are the ones during which it becomes easy to clamber both hillock and plains. 

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Which is the best time of the year for Everest Base Camp Trek? 

There is and never was a secret to which time of the year proffers the best view of Mt. Everest. Acknowledged as the world’s highest mountain, Everest has always stood proud, giving away splendid views to its aficionado. 

Hence, it’s fallacious to postulate that anyone season comes across as an idle time to visit the Base Camp. You can travel Everest Base Camp throughout the year and even around. 

It’s just that some seasons have terrific weather, allowing excellent visibility and flattering views. Meanwhile, some are too frizzy and blusterous that it shut off the magnetic scene of the mountain and even valley. 

Hence, travelers like to make sure that when is the right time to trek to Everest Base Camp. All because they die to have picturesque views of Mt. Everest and other snow peaks scatter around. 

As a rule, goes by, the perfect time to travel Everest Base Camp is, Autumn as the weather is pleasant now. The breeze in the air fetches surprise to every traveler passing the region in Autumn. 

In the season, the beauty of the Everest Base Camp remains unparalleled, making it a fabulous destination. The entire region is filled with diverse landscapes, lush-green paddock, and blossoming flowers through the forest. 

Autumn in Nepal falls in-between September to late November. It is the best time to trek to the base camp as the temperature is mild with a soothing atmosphere. 

Most trekkers travel the Everest Base Camp in Autumn as it’s prepossessing outside. The weather is magical and reflects the true beauty of nature. 

Nepalese people, on the other side, are in a festive mood. They are all prepared to fete Hindu festivals including, Dashain and Tihar. 

The next ideal time to visit the Base Camp after Autumn is, Spring Season. It’s actually a pleasure to drop in on the region at this time of the year as flowers are blooming everywhere.

Anyone who comes across the place in this season senses an aroma in the air. Meantime, nature shines back as if it’s about to welcome the new season. 

The Spring season starts from mid-March and lasts till May in Nepal. During this time, the sky remains clear blue all-day, soaking in the dazzling view of Himalayas. Even the valleys look vibrant with embellished monasteries gleaming from the higher elevation. 

It is also the time when the forest is full of rhododendron with some magnolias mixed, giving a perfect finish. You get a whiff of fragrance throughout the forest and even villages along the route. 

Although not as popular as the two seasons, trekkers also ascend the base camp in winter. It starts in mid-December and lasts until February here in Nepal. 

The places at lower elevation are still bearable and magnificent to walk along. However, as you climb above, the harsh weather might subdue your pace, even resulting in your health. 

Hence, make sure to follow up the weather forecast while deciding to trek at a higher elevation. Meanwhile, you must be tremendously careful while making a trip to Everest Base Camp in Monsoon. 

Most trekkers try to eschew flying to the region from the start of June till August. That’s because it’s pouring rain everywhere, following which the trail gets slippery. 

For those who are a novice and heedless of the route, it’s perilous to walk along. In fact, even for the experience, it’s not safe to travel alone on the trail, overestimating the abilities. 

What is so good about Everest Base Camp Trek in November?

Every November spells magic in the forest and valleys of the Everest region. But the greatest occult of all happens at the summit of Mt. Everest, bewitching every traveler. 

This is the time when Autumn wind rushes through the valley, collecting petals of wildflower and rhododendron. Even the most isolated region is swept spotlessly clean with the gust of wind. 

The weather remains delightful and warm at this time of the year, attracting tourists from all over. There is still a coolness in the air that refreshes the mind of the people. 

It’s more chill on the base camp above the valley with a scenic view to tempt. The bright blue sky atop provides discernibility of the snow-capped mountains, diverse landscape, and plateaus. 

Trekkers walking the trail can sense that November is restless to invite winter season. This is evident in the atmosphere as it’s not too cold nor hot in the region with a mild temperature. 

The highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek in November 

  • The enchanting view of mountains popping up along the region 
  • Spectacular view of highlands with green pastures and rhododendron in dense forest
  • Discovering the wilderness of the area including varied species of wildlife and vegetation 
  • Accustom with the local culture, tradition, and values carried off by different ethnic groups 
  • The historical attraction with bedeck monasteries and gompas of decades-old
  • Visit magnificent Sagarmatha National Park which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Difficulties of Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Walking the Everest Base Camp is nothing like strolling the pastureland or a golf course. Hence, you need to prepare your body and mind to adapt to the environment. 

Prior to trekking to the base camp, it’s best to do uphill walking at least a month earlier. This will help keep your body in shape. And, you can walk the trail even the most challenging one comfortably. 

Altitude sickness is what most people struggle with as they keep ascending higher elevations. Travelers experience headaches, mild breathing problems, physical overexertion, and even vomiting. 

It is why trekkers lay aside a day or two to acclimatize ownself. Travelers trek slowly to the shorter distance before heading to the base camp. 

People visiting the region by the end of November come across cold weather as they walk higher altitude. With the thick layered snow covering the routes, it gets challenging to walk time and again. 

Because November is the ideal time to visit Everest Base Camp, tourists keep soaring in the region. Lodges and hotels remain crowded with people all over, and even the walkaway is bustled. So, if you’re willing to have your own space, better plan the trip ahead. 

Weather and Temperature of Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Everest Base Camp trekkers tripping in November will discern an average temperature throughout your stay. You’ll onlook warm day and breezy night at this time of the year. 

The temperature remains 12-degree celsius in early November. But, it gradually decreases with days passed and reaches upto 6 Degree Celsius by the end of the month. 

Unlike the start of the month, the days get shorter and frosty as it comes to an end. Those who visit the base camp in the month out can get the best view of snowfall. With the whole base camp covered in thick-layered snow, it becomes a visual extravaganza. 

In early November, you’ll find the dense forest of the region sleeved with rhododendron and few jasmine flowers. The lower elevation will see coniferous trees. Most parts of the dense forest will be full of Juniper, Hemlock, Pine, and Fir. 

Food and Accommodation

The food and Accommodation are what always upsets the travelers planning a long vacation. In unavailability of it, there is chaos and disruption amongst trekkers. The other thing that worries holidaymakers, the most is dwelling service that is not accessible everywhere. 

However, in a subject to all, Everest Base Camp somewhat provides the best accommodation amenity. There are enough hotels and lodges in the service of tourists visiting the region throughout the year. 

If that’s too much to ask, you can book a room in teahouses that are relatively much cheaper. The teahouse, along the way to Everest, provides both food and lodging to guests. 

Still, don’t expect opulence or a luxe hotel treatment. They’re to cater to you with two-time meals, dinner at night, and local breakfast the later morning. 

For dinner, you’ll be served traditional Nepali food, Dal-Bhat, But in breakfast, you get tea along with bread or muesli. However, in the lodge and resort, you can get as many options, including Chinese stir-fried noodles and pizza. 

Here, the only common thing you’ll witness all through the region is the hospitality of people. Nepalese locals are too generous and friendly with the guest, and that’s what matters the most. 

You’ll be rarely treated as a guest during your stay in the region and even in the country. They are too kind and always ready to help travelers. 

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek in November 

Start trekking early in the morning 

No matter where and when you’re traveling, being prepared ahead of time is a policy every tripper must espouse. And this is something even the hikers of Everest Base Camp are bound with. 

For the reason that the sooner you start trekking each day of the trip, the more time you get for exploration. Far off the trail, you’ll have ample time to travel never seen before places and witness spectacular views. 

Unlike January, the sun shines early in the morning in November and comes to rest late in the day. With this, you will have no trouble walking the trail at dawn. 

Trek with an experienced guide

Walking the route to the Everest Base Camp gets tricky even for the expert at times. So to put off with the miles-long trail for an amateur becomes nearly impossible. 

This is when you seriously need a guide who can approach you on the walkway to the base camp. Having a guide who has in-depth knowledge of the places and streets of the region will save you time. 

In both sweet and bitter travel experience, you’ll have someone to assist. Hence, hiring a professional guide for the Everest Base Camp Trek in November is never a mistake. 

Drinking-Water as much as you can 

As trekkers keep walking the higher altitudes, the chances are that they’ll get dehydrated. It’s because of the harsh weather that keeps varying as you loom to the base camp. 

Your body soon starts to give up after climbing further. Therefore, it’s a must that you stay hydrated to continue the trip to base camp. For this, keep drinking water as much as possible. 

Not too much of course, but drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. You can also have juice as a substitute for water if only available.

Carry all the essentials in your backpack 

You’re never ready for the Everest Base Camp Trek until you’ve all the essentials required on your backpack. The options for the items to be packed for hiking are endless. 

But before that, you need to be sure about which time of the year you’re willing to travel the region. And in accordance, get your stuff ready.  

As far as Everest Base Camp Trek in November is concerned, you’re required to have the following items. 

Base Layer (long sleeve t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt)

Middle Layer (soft-shell jacket, fleece pant, fleece sweater, trekking trouser, insulating jacket)

Third Layer (light waterproof jacket, raingear, waterproof trouser)

Trekking poles, thermal socks, hiking boots 

Water bottles, sunglasses, light gloves 

Personal toiletries ( toothbrush, sunscreen, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, hand sanitizer)

First aid kit (aspirin, blister plasters, antibiotics)

Recommended items 

  • Spare batteries, chargers, travel adapter, camera, and power banks
  • Travel towel and sleeping sheet 
  • Headlamp, notepad, trekking permits, and a pen  
  • Binoculars, travel map 

Earlier planning of the Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Looking forward to relishing the beauty of sublime mountains and spotless landscape. Well, then better plan the Everest Base Camp Trek in November in advance. 

November is the most popular time to trek to the base camp. Trekkers incessantly visit the region during this time to witness the splendid snow-peaked mountains. 

It hence causes the street and trail to remain busy all day long. Those who lost the time on the way will scuffle getting a room in a lodge. 

To rout the rush, you need to plan the trip to the Everest Base Camp at least a month earlier. 

Carry lightweight, warm clothes

Everest Base Camp Trek in November is an epitome of natural beauty. It’s never too pleasant as in November to visit the region with warm weather. 

The mornings and nights are chilly and placid while the days are brighter and sunny. It gives perfect visibility to the magnificent snow-capped mountain disperse there. 

As the temperature is quite low near base camp, you must carry a light-fleece jacket. It will keep your skin moisturized and protect it from cold. 

Similarly, at lower elevations, the temperature is mild and reaches upto 12 Degree Celsius. And because it’s too warm there, you better have sunglasses to impede the heat of the sun. 

Carry Additional Supplies 

You’ll never have a problem getting a basic accommodation facility along the way to Everest Base Camp. But when it comes to additional supplies, it’s something you need to take care of on your own. 

Personal supplies like snacks, sleeping sheets, and clothing are what you need to carry. On the route, you may find a porter who’ll carry it for you. But of course, at a specific cost.

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