Australian Base Camp Hike - 2 Days

Australian Base Camp Hike
Australian Base Camp Hike
Australian Base Camp Hike
Australian Base Camp Hike
Trip Details
  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trip Style: Hiking and Cultural excursion
  • Transport: Public & Private vehicles
  • Food: Full board on trek
  • Accommodation: Hotel, lodge (tea house)
  • Group Size: 01 to 12 Pax
  • Max Elevation: 2060 meters


  • Two Day Hike from Australian Camp from Pokhara and then down to Dhampus village and then to Pokhara.
  • One of the easy and mesmerizing hiking journeys easily accessible from Pokhara.
  • A scenic morning drive from Pokhara to the base of Australian Base Camp, Kande, while watching the surrounding environment.
  • Chance to explore Australian Camp and Dhampus village, two of the most beautiful attractions of Pokhara.
  • Best spot to get mesmerizing and close views of different snow-covered high mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Machhapuchhre, Manaslu range, and many more.
  • Trekkers get a chance to taste some of the local cuisines prepared and served by the Gurungs and other people living in this region.
  • We will cross different forests, and rhododendron blooms and pass through the epic beauty of nature.
  • A hike with almost all the facilities such as cozy and comfortable hotels and restaurants, WiFi, internet, and a variety of options in the food menu as well.

About Australian Base Camp Hike

Australian Base Camp Hike (2 Days) is a comfortable and accessible hiking destination that is just 8 kilometers far from Pokhara. Whether you are looking for a short escape from the chaos of the urban lifestyle. With Adventure Bound Nepal, adventure, knowledge, and information flow are guaranteed along with the reasonable cost of the Australian Base Camp Hike.

Located at an altitude of 2060 meters, the Australian Base Camp is perfect for an outing with family and friends. You do not need much serious training, and prior experience to ascend to the Australian Base. However, the views and the route on your ascend make this one of the best hiking routes in Pokhara. The starting point of the Australian Base Camp Hike (2 Days), Kande, is just 45 minutes or drive away from the heart of Pokhara.

Along with the Australian Base, trekkers also get a chance to explore the traditional Gurung village, Dhampus. Many explorers from all around the world appreciate Dhampus as one of the perfect escapes into nature. With a heart-warming welcome and hospitality from the locals and eye-soothing views of the mountains, Dhampus serves as a perfect checkpoint for the two-day Australian Base Camp Hike in Pokhara.

Remember that Australian Base Camp is just 1.5-2 hours of hiking from Kande. With the assistance and guidance of Adventure Bound's representatives (guides), you will experience one of the short yet adventurous hiking journeys.

In the evening, trekkers will get one of the most stunning sunset views from the Australian Base Camp. On the other day, we get down to Phedi and then take a drive back to Pokhara. Besides, on the way to Phedi from the Australian Base Camp, we also took a short break at a village named Dhampus.

Why Australian Base Camp Hike with Adventure Bound?

Adventure Bound is a Nepal-based travel and trekking agency with over 15 years of experience. Our team of experts and locals of the Himalayas love to help people escape from their everyday chaotic lives and dive deeper into nature. With Adventure Bound, we guarantee that the trekkers will experience a never-in-life journey to the Australian Base Camp and then to Dhampus. Here are a few reasons why Adventure Bound is the best travel agency for the Australian Base camp Hike:

  • Adventure Bound Nepal has over 15 years of experience and a team of seasoned and experienced guides and porters.
  • We provide trekkers with a pickup and drop-off facility from the hotel to Kande and vice versa.
  • With us explorers can do more than just walk over to Australian Base Camp, they can also get to learn so many new things about different places.
  • We make sure that hikers are in for one of the best hiking experiences easily accessible from the city of Pokhara.
  • If you want, we can also suggest and take you on several other hikes and treks at reasonable and affordable prices.
  • Adventure Bound Nepal offers a local professional guide to lead your way and provide insights throughout the Australian Base Camp hike.

Cost of the Australian Base Camp Hike with Adventure Bound

Adventure Bound Nepal is constantly serving travelers and explorers with adventurous exploration in Nepal without them having to worry about getting drained of money. We make sure that the cost of the Australian Base Camp Hike is affordable and reasonable just like all the other hiking and tour packages available on our website.


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As soon as the hikers have their breakfast, the representatives from Adventure Bound (guides for the day) pick them up in a private car or jeep (depending upon the number of people in a group). The drive offers a stunning morning view of the lakeside, hills, and lakes from the clean and perfect roads of Pokhara. As we start the drive at 8 a.m., within 9. a.m. trekkers will find themselves at the base of the Australian Base Camp, Kande.

From Kande, we begin the actual Australian Base Camp Hike. Be prepared to walk into the wilderness of the short yet adventurous hiking route in Pokhara. You will love the entire journey because of the slightly rugged but comfortable route, the facilities offered by the tea houses, the spectacular views of the mountains, and hills, and the warm hospitality offered by the locals.

Australian Base Camp is also known as Thulo Kharka, where we will spend the night and wait for the spectacular sunrise view the next morning before moving towards another checkpoint. The guesthouse at this place offers cozy rooms with comfortable beds and many options for meals.

As the trekkers wake up early in the morning and have their breakfast, we set off our foot towards Phedi, which takes around 4 to 5 hours of hiking. You might be wondering why ascending to Australian Base Camp takes such a short time and descending takes almost half a day. Well, that is because Adventure Bound's representative will also take you to Dhampus Village while returning from the Australian Base Camp.

Dhampus is one of the most beautiful villages in the valley of Pokhara. Besides, this site also serves as an entry point to several other hiking and trekking routes such as the Annapurna region Trek. This beautiful Gurung village offers a few of the most spectacular views of the Annapurna and Manaslu Mountain Ranges. As soon as you enter the village, you will be starstruck by the surrounding environment, cleanliness, greenery, traditional houses, and so much more that take you into the world of natural beauty.

The 4 to 5 hours of walking in the Dhampus to Phedi route lets the trekkers explore amidst nature and traditional rural landscape. Furthermore, different small villages, lush forests, rivers, waterfalls, and rhododendron blossoms accompany you throughout the trail. Having local delicacies prepared and served by the locals in Dhampus, we continue towards Phedi, the endpoint of the Australian Base Camp 2-Day Hike.

You will meet our representatives at Phedi, who will then take you on a drive to Pokhara. The same spectacular views of the mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, etc accompany your drive from Phedi to Pokhara. Within 45 minutes to 1 hour of drive, you reach your hotel which marks the end of the Australian Base Camp Trek.

Cost Details

  • Hotel Pickup and drop-off
  • 1-night standard accommodation in Australian Camp
  • Meals: 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunch and 1 Dinner
  • 1 experienced local guide fee and all his/her expenses
  • All local taxes and service charges
  • Bar and drink bill during the trip
  • Tips for trekking staff (tipping is expected)

Useful Information

Reason Behind the name, Australian Base Camp

Did you know that the Thulo Kharka hike or this specific place was the famous hiking spot of the explorers from Austria? They used to come to Nepal frequently and camp at the Thulo Kharka Height. Due to that reason, the place got its name as Austrian Base Camp. However, Nepalese found it difficult to pronounce Austrian and started calling it Australian Base Camp. As a result, we know this hiking trail as the Australian Base Camp Hiking Trail. All these took place in the late 1990s.

Let us give you another amazing fact this hiking route was not known by the majority of the people until 1980s. However, during that place, many other surrounding hikes and trekking areas gained high popularity. Nevertheless, once the Austrians started setting camps on Thulo Kharka, currently, Australian Base Camp Trek stands as one of the most popular hiking trails easily accessible from Pokhara.

How Difficult is the Annapurna Base Camp hike?

Annapurna Base Camp Hike is a relatively easy hiking trail that is easily accessible from the center of Pokhara. Adventure Bound Nepal team recommends this hiking trail to people of all age groups. However, make sure that you love exploring and would like to watch the most scenic views of the Pokhara Valley from an altitude of 2060 meters.

Whether you are looking for a quick escape from the everyday stressful life, want to spend some time within nature, or whether you are in Pokhara and looking for an easily accessible hiking route, the Australian Base Camp serves as a perfect hiking route for you. Therefore, we recommend the 2-Day Hike to Australian Base Camp for any individuals who want to go for a short family or friend outing.

Preparation for Australian Base Camp Hike (2-Days)

As said above, ascending over the Australian Base Camp or Thulo Kharka is not a strenuous journey. This does not require the hikers to be professional and with multiple years of experience. You can simply ascend to the Australian Base Camp Hike with your family and children. However, we still recommend hikers or explorers prepare with at least the below-mentioned steps for a better experience:

  • Prioritize physical and mental exercises like running, jogging, cardio-vascular, and stamina-raising activities like swimming.
  • Keep yourself busy with positive work and say a complete no to bad habits like smoking and drinking.
  • Make sure that you listen to the guide before starting the hike because they can provide you with important insights about the hiking trail.
  • Remember to take energy bars, sufficient water, and other snacks to make the experience better.
  • Make sure to check the map properly and walk only as the guide instructs. Even though the hiking journey is only 1.5 to 2 hours long, a steady and slow pace helps a lot.

Importance of a Professional Guide for Australian Base Camp Hike

As we have stated about the Australian Base Camp hike, many hikers may have questions regarding the necessity of dedicated guides for this short hike in Pokhara. Many hikers also think that ascending to the Australian Base Camp and then to Dhampus village would not be difficult without a guide leading them. However, Adventure Bound encourages trekkers to hike only with a professional, seasoned, and English-speaking guide for several benefits:

Professional guides can help you to interact with the locals of the Australian Base Camp Hiking Trail.

You can freely ask whatever you want to know regarding different aspects of the Hike.

Our guides will pick you up from the hotel from the hike and also drop you back at the hotel after the hiking journey.

Guides have proper knowledge about the entire route, which means that they can tackle all the obstacles during the Australian Base Camp Hike.

The professional and seasoned guides can also help you in different situations such as talking to the locals and understanding local cultures and traditions. Moreover, you can also expect the guides to arrange proper scheduling for the entire journey.

Packing Essentials for the Australian Base Camp Hike

Remember that packing wisely plays an important role in making a successful and adventurous trekking trail. Even though the Australian Base Camp 2 days Hike is considered to be comparatively easy and appropriate for explorers of all age groups, you must not forget to carry some of these essentials with you:

  • Energy Bars and water bottles with adequate drinking water.
  • Warm but light clothes.
  • Strong mindset that you can complete the Australian Base Camp Hike.
  • Smartphones, cameras, or tablets to click photos, and videos and save memories.
  • Entire trekking gear including trekking boots, light t-shirts, trekking pants, socks, etc.
  • Trekking poles (not mandatory)
  • All the paperwork and documents reveal your identity.

How to book the Australian Base Camp Hike with Adventure Bound?

Are you willing to go for this accessible, close, and adventurous hiking journey in Nepal? If so, we encourage tourists to book the package right away. To make the booking, you can simply:

  • Scroll to the top of this package.
  • Fill up the details in the box on the right-hand side.
  • Click on the Book Now button.

If you want to know more about the package or have any questions about the services and packages offered by Adventure Bound, please feel free to contact us at +977 9851046019 (Laxman Aryal) (WhatsApp or Viber). Moreover, you can also directly call us at the same number and confirm your booking.

We also accept last-minute bookings for any hiking or trekking packages in Nepal. However, remember that Adventure Bound does not return 20% of the total booking amount in case of cancellation. Nevertheless, being trusted by several trekkers, hikers, and tourists, Adventure Bound tends to provide the easiest booking process.