Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek

  • Apr 3, 2020
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Come what say, Nepal always has had a global reputation as the land of mountains. And truly, the country is just good enough for the title with snow peaks like Everest and Lhotse.

Alone in the Everest region, there are untold numbers of mountains that grasp the eye of every traveler. Beyond that, there are also prolific destinations and some deserted

that are well-deserved to be explored.

For a long time, these places have sent trekkers into fantasy with its astounding views and backdrop landscapes. With all, one of them to mostly hypnotize passengers from all over the world is Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek.

As much as it’s fun hiking to Everest Base Camp, traveling to Namche Bazaar and Gokyo Valley is equally exciting. Together the Gokyo Ri and Namche Bazaar trek offers an unforgettable experience to travelers visiting the region.

With their distinctive landscapes, geographical biodiversity and cultural inclusivity, tripping to Namche Bazaar and Gokyo are enthralling.

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Following Standard Path to Reach Namche Bazaar

So far, whoever is well aware of Mt. Everest is no stranger to Namche Bazaar. Held as the gateway to Mt. Everest, Namche is often overlooked as just another place to acclimatize.

But that’s not what Namche only is or for what it’s pointed out. Even besides that, there are so many spots here that alone are worth exploring.

They can thrash many extraordinary destinations here with red-tanged landscapes and

valleys. Now, you must be thinking about how to make it to the place or what’s the route like. So, here we provide all the avid trekkers, a standard path for Namche Bazaar.

lukla airport

Fly to Lukla, trek to Phakding (2,652m) 3-4 Hrs.

Flight Distance:136.17 km

Trek Distance: 6.2 km

Flight Duration: 30 minutes

Trek Duration: 3-4 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2652 meters

Trekking Namche Bazaar isn’t as challenging and exhausting as summiting Everest. Frankly, anyone with good health and physical resistance can easily subsist on the hike.

The trip initially starts from Kathmandu Valley where you’ll get a direct flight to Lukla. Upon landing at this small town, all you get is a quick tea break then it’s straight to the trail.

From Lukla, you’ve to walk almost 3-4 hours to reach the next stop before Namche Bazaar.

To cover the distance of 6.2 km, you’ll start descending the rocky path and thereafter steep staircase. Better the trip it gets when you’ll come across to find small villages like Chheplung and Ghat.

It isn’t new to find monasteries in the region but mani stone walls with prayers carved in it will indeed surprise you. Along the way, there’s also a scenic view of the Kusum Kanguru and Kongde peak to detract the stress.

Just miles before Phakding, you’ll scramble alongside Dudh Koshi River and even cross the suspension bridge. For the first night of the trek, you’ll be staying at a lodge in Phakding.

Trek to Namche Bazaar

Trek Distance: 12 km

Trek Duration: 6 hours

Maximum Altitude: 3440 meters

Phakding was quite impressive with the best hospitality and locals but Namche Bazaar is something else. Whether it’s the mesmerizing backdrop, breakthrough modernism or people, Namche is invincible in every way.

As from Phakding, it takes about 6 hours of hike to arrive at this incredible town in Khumbu. Minutes after you reach Larja Dobhan, the trail ascends uphill and walks the suspension bridge above the Dudh Koshi River.

In the midway from Larja, trekkers will be able to witness Mt. Everest for the first time. The trek further offers breathtaking scenery with a view of gushing streams and lush green forests.

Namche Bazaar is your last point before entering Everest. It is also where you’ll spend the night and a whole next day to acclimatize. At the place, there are ample short trekking trails, monasteries and sherpa villages to explore and adapt to the atmosphere.

Namche Bazaar to Gokyo trek Itinerary

Trek to Phortse Thenga

Trek Distance: 5.7 km

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Maximum Altitude: 3680 meters

Being a way-in to Everest, Namche Bazaar welcomes every traveler. In fact, those who’re heading to Phortse Thenga as well rely on the amenity of the town before taking the route.

The walkway from Namche proceeds through Mong La and descends the hill to Phortse Tenga. The 5.7 km long hiking trail also sees you crossing Dudh Koshi River over a suspension bridge and move uphill to the village.

Overnight stay at one of the guest houses in Phortse Thenga which is also an alternative route to Everest Base Camp.

Trek to Machermo

Trek Distance: 7.2 km

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Maximum Altitude: 4480 meters

After a restful night at the beautiful Phortse village, it’s time to fasten the seat belt and set on the hike. Because the wait time is too little at the guest house, take breakfast as quickly as you can.

Next to advance the route that climbs uphill to Dole following Dudh Koshi River on the northside. Since it’s a picturesque area, you’ll get a dazzling view of Cholatse and Tabouche as well as a dense forest full of flowers.

From Dole, it’s a steep hill to walk alongside a lush-green forest filled with Juniper trees. On the way, you’d be crossing a decent number of suspension bridges and a cliff.

Leaving the well-marked trail aside, you’ll now take a rocky path heading the terminal moraine of Ngozumpa Glacier. Next is the Machermo village where most trekkers stop by before traveling to Gokyo Ri and you too will. For night you’ll stay at a guest house at wonderful Machermo.

Trek to Gokyo Lakes (4,750m) 5-6 Hrs.

Trek Distance: 6.6 km

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Maximum Altitude: 4750 meters

Since you’re about to hike to Gokyo Lake today, it’s either all or nothing. Hence, pull yourself together and don’t forget to have breakfast so as to restore energy for the trek.

You’ll kick start the trip traversing a path outstretched to Pangka and then gently descend the hill. The route from here follows a scenic snow-melt river flowing west side of the Ngozumpa glacier.

A highlight of the trip would still be the dazzling view of Cholatse and dark blueish lakes. Walking the flat land ahead, you’ll reach the second lake. For Dudh Kunda, you’ve to walk the path across the glacier to Cho La.

The sight is absolutely magnificent from here with gleaming glacial lakes and mountains atop. As for the night, you’ll put a tent near Gokyo Lake.

Gokyo and Around (Hiking up to Gokyo Ri )

Trek Distance: 2.2 km

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Maximum Altitude: 5360 meters

Last night you camped near the lake in Gokyo. And today, it will be all about exploring the region and hiking up till Gokyo Ri.

With the trek to Gokyo Ri in the line, it’s best you explore the topography of the region early in the morning. Take a quick trip to the other lakes and start ascending the hill leading towards the peak.

You’ve got an eye-pleasing vista along the way to enjoy with soaring snow peaks like Makalu and Lhotse. After you’re done sightseeing, follow the trail back to Gokyo Valley where you’ll stay the night.

Trek to Dole

Trek Distance: 9 km

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum Altitude: 4038 meters

After a surreal trek of Gokyo Ri, it’s time to head back to Dole today. Without any rush, get all your stuff and have breakfast at the lodge in Gokyo valley.

As it’s scorching hot in the day, it’s best that you walk the trail early in the morning. For the most part of the trek, you’ll be descending hills alongside a magnetic view of the valley.

On the way back, you’ll once again get across the moraine of Ngozumpa Glacier. Then it’s just a matter of time after which you’ll be at Dole.

Overnight stay at a guest house in the village and you can continue the trek the following day.

Trek to Namche(3,450m) 6-7 Hrs.

Trek Distance: 6.9 km

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum Altitude: 3450 meters

Today again it’s going to be a long and tiring day having to walk for almost 6-7 hours. Although it’s a sloped hill to win against, trekkers can expect to get tired by the end of the day.

Starting from Dole, you’ll climb down the hill and a flat land before crossing the suspension bridge. Amidst all the strain and exhaustion, the sight of snow-covered mountains and green terrace comes as a relief.

You’ll also happen to spot a dense forest filled with wildflowers and plenty of remote villages. Often you can notice that the region is greatly influenced by Sherpa culture and their values.

After nearly 7 hours of trek from Dole, you’ll eventually reach Namche Bazaar, your last stoppage. As there are adequate lodges and guest houses in Namche, there is nothing to stress about.

Trek to Lukla (2,800m) 6-7 Hrs.

Trek Distance: 15 km

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2800 meters

You’re just a day away from waving goodbye to the spectacular Namche Bazaar and Gokyo. And today is the last day when you’ll be glaring at the sky-scraping Mt. Everest and exquisite Lukla.

Beginning from Namche Bazaar, the trail goes downhill through the forest with pine trees. Walk a little further and you’ll see Dudh Koshi River which is crossed over a suspension bridge.

Finally, you’ll arrive at Phakding Village from where you’ll ascend the hill. Climbing a steep stairway and strolling on a rugged path, you’ll arrive at Lukla. As far as accommodation is concerned, you’ll stay the night at a lodge in Lukla.

Fly to Kathmandu

Flight Distance: 136.17 km

Flight Duration: 30 minutes

Maximum Altitude: 1400 meters

As for the final day of Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek, you’ve got a flight to Kathmandu Valley to catch. Henceforth, wake up before dawn to take a glimpse of the rising sun and have breakfast thereafter.

Meantime, get all your stuff in the backpack and get ready to depart the lodge. It takes about 30 minutes from Lukla airport to reach the valley from where we’ll relocate you to the hotel.

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When is the Best Time for This Trek?

For a marvelous feat like Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek, any day is a perfect day to travel. Still, if you want to get it right in every possible way then come up with the plan for spring or autumn.

These two seasons are considered to be the crowned head of all when it comes to trekking in Nepal. All the months of spring and autumn have spellbinding views to offer travelers with green foliage all around.

Even the trees and flowers put on its best display during the season while birds keep humming. Likewise, the trails are covered with the vivid dry leaves and flower petals roasted by summer heat.

In spring, the forest is fully bedecked with Rhododendron flowers under a clear blue sky. The visibility is too sharp around this time with winter just fleeting away.

Is It Hard Trek?

With an average of 5-6 hours of regular walk, the Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek can be tiring. But, it doesn’t mean the trek is way too hard and impossible to make.

In fact, it’s more unexacting than most trekking routes in the Everest region making it justly difficult. But for anyone with good physical strength and stamina, the trek is relatively easier than the others.

So, the basic rule for Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek is to be physically strong. For the most part, routine exercise and workout will do the job but you also need to be mentally prepared.

Altitude sickness can also be a hurdle at times so proper acclimatization is must to have. There are many trekkers who after reaching a higher elevation suffer from breathing problems and dizziness. Therefore, to prevent even the mild sickness, self-acclimatization is requisite.

How is the Weather and Temperature during the Trek?

The weather and temperature of Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek depends on when you’re traveling the region. Reckoned as a peak season for trekking, spring and autumn have the best weather with mild temperature.

Early months of both the seasons are mildly cold with monsoon and winter just making their way back. But as the months pass, the temperature in the day starts getting hotter while the nights and morning are still chilly.

The weather during summer in the region often remains dry with temperatures reaching 25 Degree Celsius. As of November, the weather in the Everest region is severely cold with temperatures ranging from -20 to -30 Degree Celsius.

It’s even more icy-cold as you walk further at higher altitude. Also, the trails are covered with thick snow during the season, making it hard to track.

The weather in Monsoon at Gokyo Trek isn’t good either. It often rains heavily during the season making the trail wet thoroughly.

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What to Pack for the Trek?

It’s always important to have a pre-planned backpack before embarking on any trip. And when the trips are like Namche Bazaar to Gokyo then you must be extra cautious. Having the right gears means that you’ll have an easy time conquering the trek.

Believe it or not, but the stuff you’ll be carrying highly depends on which time you’re having the trek. Despite that, the key is to have a good suitable apparatus that are light and convenient. Here are some few essentials that you must have while on Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek

Clothing Items

  • Light fleece jacket and pants easy to carry
  • Waterproof jackets and trousers to prevent the rain
  • Long-sleeve shirts for chilly night
  • Pairs of gloves and cap


  • Leather walking boots of great quality
  • Thick socks and socks liner to prevent blisters
  • Trekking boots and trainer

Other Essentials

  • Water bottle
  • Personal toiletries
  • Spare batteries and camera
  • Personal medical kit with band-aid and aspirin
  • Head torch

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