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Elissa Helen Dinh
Elissa Helen Dinh, Australia

“EBC and Chola Pass”

My dad, brother and I travelled to Nepal in April and completed the trek to EBC and Chola Pass in May. What an amazing journey we had, in an environment and country so different to our own. Our guide, Raman Aryal, perfectly met our needs and supported us along the way. He was patient and adjusted the trek as needed, taking into consideration our capabilities and the conditions at the time. I would highly recommend him and the company to anyone wanting to undertake trekking in Nepal. Visited May 2017

Jolien D
Jolien D, Belgium


Nearly a month ago i travelled with my mom to Nepal. We got lost in Kathmandu the very first day! well, I can tell you the unexpected moments were most definitely the best. Dear traveller, do get lost sometimes. It seems that everyone knows everyone in Nepal, the kindness the Nepali's use in the approach to others, well I hardly notice that in the streets of little Belgium. Thanks to adventure bound we got to enjoy Chitwan National Park in the way we wanted to. But besides the beauty of Chitwan, I want to tell you about the beauty of Poon Hill and the kind heart of our guide. To begin, I was travelling with my 52 year young mom, who never did anything like this in her life before. I'm 24, and not always the perfect daughter. So travelling together would be and was a challenge. We definitely wouldn't have made it without our guide Santos. He took such good care of her, stayed with her when i rushed off to clear my mind while walking. He took time to talk about his life, to hear about ours, to explain cultures, religion, lifestyles, made us try new things, he even gave me useful love advise, took time to help other travellers and motivated my mom on the way to keep going and took her arm when she got scared or insecure about the road. He went from being a guide to a friend, and that is certainly a good excuse to go back to Nepal (Also cause i want to do the ABC trek next ). I never saw something so pure and beautiful like the morning sunrise on Poon Hill. A Tip, instead of all the pictures and video's, just sit and watch it, absorb the wonder and turn it into a real memorie. Adventure Bound has the most amazing guides. Everything was well arranged and taken care of. You can be sure.. We'll be back! Visited April 2017

Wonderful Trekking Experience 26-28 Mar 2017
Wonderful Trekking Experience 26-28 Mar 2017, Hong Kong

Wonderful Trekking Experience 26-28 Mar 2017

Me and my husband decided to do trekking quite late, but Adventure Bound still able to tailormade a 3D2N Poon Hill trek for us. With all the passport copies and photos emailed, we were able to get our documents on time when we were in Kathmandu. Very efficient and trustworthy staff. Then we met our guide Arjyal Santosh in Pokhara. Santosh is very friendly and professional, he keep an eye on our trekking pace and physical conditions, suggest us to take a break from time to time, and to our surprise, we are able to trek for seven hours in the first day, so that we can have a relaxing second day. He took care of us, was very helpful and knowledgeable, he explained the social and cultural conditions in Nepal very well. Santosh is also very cautious and patience. He can remember what we are carrying and will do a check on us for fear we may leave our belonging somewhere. He is also a good cheering leader, singing and joking along, we do have a great time.This was our first time trekking in Nepal, and we were very glad that we found Adventure Bound to accommodate our needs. Really want to come back again soon.

Christine Widmaier
Christine Widmaier, Germany

“Unbeschreibliche Erlebnisse”

Jetzt darf ich hier einen Bericht schreiben und weiß nicht so recht, wie ich die überwältigenden Eindrücke und Erlebnisse in Worte fassen soll... Ich versuche mich kurz zufassen: Ich war von Ende März bis Anfang April 2017 für 3 Wochen in Nepal und was soll ich sagen, es war eines der beeindruckensten Erlebnisse in meinem Leben. Ich habe mit dem Langtang-Trek begonnen und weil es so grandios war, habe ich mit dem Poonhill-Trek weiter gemacht. Das Langtang-Tal ist ruhig und überwältigend. Einem wird deutlich vor Augen geführt, was die Natur in der Lage ist anzurichten, aber auch was Menschen in der Lage sind zu leisten. Der Trek bis zum Gipfel des Kyanjing Ri war die Krönung. Natur ist das Eine, die Agentur das Andere. Ich hatte gemeinsam mit Abventure Bound ein 3 Wochenprogramm zusammengestellt, das dann aber während der Reise perfekt auf mich abgestimmt und auch geändert wurde (wusste ja nicht, was mich "erwartet"). Mich für Adventure Bound entschieden zu haben und insbesondere mit Santos als Guide zu trekken, war sicherlich wie die 6 im Lotto. Ich hätte sicherlich keinen besseren Trekkingbegleiter finden können. Immer freundlich und hilfsbereit hat er mir die einzigartige Landschaft und das Leben in Nepals nahe gebracht und war immer für eine Überraschung gut. Und als die "Sucht" mich befallen hat, hat er kurzerhand den Poonhill-Trek zusätzlich organisiert. Die Tagesettappen wurden flexibel gestaltet, so dass ich ausgelastet war. Ich bin mir jetzt schon sicher, dass ich Nepal spätestens 2018 wieder besuchen und Adventure Bound als Agentur wählen werde. Eines noch: Mir war von Anfang an wichtig, dass Guides und Träger anständig bezahlt werden, versichert sind, nicht "überladen" werden und auch mit der entsprechenden Ausrüstung ausgestattet sind - ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Bitte denkt daran, wenn ihr einen Trek bucht - mit hätte es ansonsten keinen Spaß gemacht...... und man braucht wirklich nicht viel oben in den Bergen. Erstaunlich, was manche Menschen so alles hochschleppen lassen...

nowotny1440, Canada

“Amazing experience with this company, their guide, and porters”

We are a family of 5, with two kids( 11 And 13) and a Grandmother (73) and we trekked the mardi Himalayan base camp route. We were trekking for ten days with our incredible guide, bibek bhatta. We also had two amazing porters (Suk and suman) whom we would not have been able two do this trek without. If you are looking into this company I highly recomend them. You should 100% ask for their guide named bibek bhatta if possible. He spoke perfect English and helped every one along. He could answar every question that we threw at him and we were worry free the whole time. He booked us in all the best tea houses. When I injured my hand he arranged a jeep down too pokhara and took us to the best doctor. After that he booked us a jeep two Kathmandu. We all got a little teary eyed when we had to say goodbye. USE THIS COMPANY AND REQUEST BIBEK BHATTA!!!!!!!!!!! Visited March 2017

Bipson B
Bipson B, Germany

“Super service”

Just amazing .. every word I said is true .. actually .. I couldn't find the appropriate words to describe the amazing feelings and the best services we all receive from from Bibek and his company !!! Just recommend to anyone ❤️ Nepal is not enough at once , now i beleive why people visit nepal couple of times.

hikarichiu, Taiwan

“Incomparable and amazing trekking to ABC”

This ABC trekking is the longest time and height altitude that we’ve experienced. It’s awesome and amazing, and I could’t forget everthing and scenery in Nepal. We spent 9 days with Suntosh, who is our mountain guide. He was young、experienced and easygoing. He assisted us with applications、transportation、accommodation and refreshment. He led us to review our feelings and thinkings with the trekking, explained the life style and culture of residents we met. I rememberd we met a bad day when we left MBC campsite, it was unsafe. Suntosh was so reliable that we didn’t get lost in the fog and avoid few dangerous areas. So I strongly recommend Suntosh and Adventure Bound. Visited February 2017

“EBC+ Gokyo 健行”
“EBC+ Gokyo 健行”, Taiwan

彭家樹 Peng Chiahsu

透過朋友的介紹,我們選擇了Adventure Bound。 Bibek我們的嚮導帶著我們順利的完成了這次的冒險。一路上的照顧非常感謝,是值得信賴的伙伴。 訪問2017年2月

Ethan P
Ethan P, Taiwan


我們一行三人2月前往EBC健行,導遊一路從加德滿陪伴照顧,直到我們完成此趟旅程。途中導遊除了專業知識豐富與每座山都必定詳細解說外,不斷重複回答我們問題(這是什麼山)卻從不曾不耐煩,是個超棒的Guide,我們後面行程有所變動,導遊也都可以規劃商量與建議,讓我們此趟旅程充滿了感動,一定還要再去~~~ 訪問2017年2月